Chick-fil-A Donates $5,000 to ‘If You Give a Child a Book’ Campaign

Chick-fil-A is supporting our “If You Give a Child a Book” campaign by making a $5,000 donation. This will help get books into the hands of kids in need across Tampa Bay.

Posted at 2023-09-19T08:03:29-0400

and last updated 8:03 AM, Sep 19, 2023

At WFTS, we believe giving children books can take them to new places, plant the seeds for future success, and help break the cycle of poverty. Children who lack access to a variety of books spend far less time reading, resulting in lower reading proficiency and struggle to complete high school.

Unfortunately, many children in low-income neighborhoods lack access to the books they need to become competent readers. Our annual “If You Give a Child a Book …” campaign, in partnership with the Scripps Howard Fund, puts books in the hands of these children.

Chick-fil-A is supporting our mission by making a $5,000 donation to our campaign.

If you’d like to donate, visit For more information on Chick-fil-A, visit

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